Free Paper Dolls

Bernadette Reinecke

I've been working on a pet project for quite some time now.  I've been doing a little here and a little there and I'm so excited to share it with you today!  I've done a little set of paper dolls for you to color and cut out!  There are six different dolls each with their own outfit lovinging drawn from a Duchess and Hare pattern!

There are 3 different body styles and for the most part they can all share, but you may find that not every style will fit each body, so below I'll match up the outfits and show you with dress was drawn with which doll.

Duchess and Hare Paper Doll set


I've grouped the dolls into sets of two in a pdf download.  Each set of 2 will print on a regular printer paper.  

Olivia is wearing a basic 3/4 sleeve Every Which Way with curved neckline
Harper is wearing the Every Which Way Pinafore with cap sleeve and square neckline.

Click here to download Harper and Olivia.


Andy is wearing the Every Which Way Blouse and Drop Waist Dress with the tie sleeves.  

Ash is wearing the Every Which Way Blouse with the flutters and peter pan collar from Every Which Way.  It's paired with the Bare Necessities Ruffle Shorts.


Download Andy and Ash here.

Zoe is wearing the Every Which Way Pinafore with scoop neck and ruffles.  They've layered it over a sleeveless Every Which Way Blouse and used the pointed collar.
Sophia is wearing the Every Which Way Button Front and Cap Sleeve Add on with the new V neck option.


Zoe and Sophia paper dolls by Duchess and Hare


Download Zoe and Sophia here

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