1476576_10202049522433177_984888221_n I'm Bernadette Reinecke.  You may or may not recognize me from places like The Sewing RabbitDaisies and Dresses, or Violette Field Threads.  I've been blogging and sewing for quite a while now, but I tend to keep behind the scenes where I'm most comfortable.  Now that I've started my own company, I figured it was time to peek from around the corner and say, "HI!".  

I'm a mom of 4, three of which are practically adults men at this point (Who am I kidding, one of them is actually registered to vote!) and the littlest is my model, whom you probably recognize from facebook or Kollabora. I have loved the vintage look since I was a child and I can remember looking through old magazines that I found a garage sale for hours imagining what it was like to dress like the women I saw.  After 3 boys. I was blessed with my beautiful daughter and through the years created many vintage inspired outfits for her.
Duchess and Hare - portrait I learned to use a sewing machine aaages ago when I was 13.  Before that I was using tube socks to make dresses for my Barbies, or tissue paper to make tutus for My Little Ponies.  I was always drawing or crafting something, probably as early as I learned to hold scissors.  

I love sewing because of it's tactile nature and useful outcome.  I disliked making all of those crafts that just sat on a shelf somewhere taking up space.  Sewing clothing feels pragmatic and I like to try to convince myself that it saves money.  Unfortunately, my overflowing fabric supply closet tells me otherwise, but I like to pretend that is anyway!

I started drafting patterns for my daughter when I noticed that she wasn't a standard size.  She's always been tall and slim, so fitting her was difficult.  My very first pattern, I drafted when she was just a few months old! (Both my photography and drafting skills have come a long way.)

Duchess and Hare-first up
  This dress, inspired by Ruffles and Stuff, led to my first blog post at Daisies and Dresses and many more after.  I sewed along with some of the first seasons of Project Run and Play, Knock it Off, Sew Many Books, and even Kids Clothes Week.  I tested sewing patterns and made pieces to fill in the gaps in Little Miss's closet.  I was busy, but fulfilled. I enjoyed sharing my projects with everyone that wanted to see them.  I was ecstatic when Jessica over at The Sewing Rabbit asked me to be part of her team!  I had so much fun coming up with tutorials for everyone!  I was sad when the year ended and they moved in a new team, but it freed me up do other things that I enjoyed.   The most exciting thing happened when I was contacted by Violette Field Threads and they asked me to design for them.  

I released many patterns under their label, including the popular  June, Maisie and Paige. bigscarf

Duchess and Hare - Maisie Pattern for Violette Field Threads
Duchess and Hare - Paige Pattern for Violette Field Threads

I really enjoyed working with the ladies behind Violette Field Threads, but I felt that I needed to better explore the exciting ideas floating around in my head. So, after a year in their employment, I decided to end that chapter and start a new one. So, here I am now at Duchess and Hare.  Thank you to everyone that has helped and inspired me on my journey to start my own company.  And a special thank you to Violette Field Threads for giving me the confidence that I needed to go out on my own! I look forward to designing many more patterns and doing many more blog posts and sew alongs.  I hope you will join me along the way.
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