I will draft custom patterns for children.  My price list is below.

There is a drafting fee based on the complexity of the pattern.  More pieces = higher drafting fee.  This fee is billed hourly at $40 an hour and will be higher for more complex patterns.  I can take a look at the design and give you an estimate of how long I think it will take me to draft the original size.  Basic patterns take me about 3-5 hours to draft.

If you'd like more than 1 size, I need to draft the largest and smallest sizes based on your measurements, then I can provide the sizes in between.  This is charged at 1/2 the rate of the original draft.

Additionally, I charge per pattern piece.  For example, a basic dress with bodice front, back, sleeve, and skirt is 4 pieces.  That would then be multiplied by the number of sizes you desire.  Pattern pieces would be $7 a piece.  Example, 4 pattern pieces x 9 sizes = 36 pieces. = $252


I’ll break it down for you using a basic 4 piece dress in sizes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 =7 sizes.

Price List 

Drafting fee (size 2) est 2.5hrs x $40 = $100.00

Drafting fee (size 8) est 2.5hrs x $20 = $50.00

Bodice front sizes 3,4,5,6,7 x $7 = $35

Bodice back sizes 3,4,5,6,7 x $7 = $35

Sleeve sizes 3,4,5,6,7 x $7 = $35

Skirt sizes 3,4,5,6,7 x $7 = $35

Total =$290

Additional Fees may be included

$0.75 to number and/or change the line style per pattern piece.
$0.50 per page to tile for home printing
$.25 per size to layer for home printing 
$30 per hour to make adjustments to pattern

These patterns are made to custom chest/waist/height measurements and require accurate measuring for good fit.  I am not responsible for an ill fitting garment based on incorrect measurements.

Patterns do not include assembly instructions.  I retain rights to patterns to release under my brand.  If you'd like an exclusive license please contact me for pricing information.  If you're interested in discussing this further please send me an email with the title Drafting For Hire to duchessandhare@gmail.com

Price list current as of Feb 2020