UPDATE:  Updated patterns will no longer be distributed by Duchess and Hare starting in April 2022.  You will need to contact SewPDF to get instructions on receiving the extra file types.

Patterns being listed through SewPDF will have projector and A0 files added.  SewPDF has allowed me to distribute the new files formats to previous buyers for free for a limited time.  When files are updated, you should receive an email from Sendowl informing you of the update.  Not all patterns will be available with the new file types.

If you do not receive an email but you know a file is updated, log into your Sendowl account download the file from there.  All files available for download are the newest version.

Updated patterns have files for 3 different print types.  Tiled home print (this is in the same file as the tutorial as it always has been), Projector, and A0.

The best way for me to get you your updated product is with a compressed file.  This file takes up less space in my server and takes less time to download.  This means, however, that you will need to use a program to decompress the file.  How this is achieved is different depending on the device you’ve downloaded to.

The easiest way is to use a desktop and it’s built in features. I can cover a few of the most used below, but since there are so many ways to decompress a file and so many devices involved I don’t know how to do so on every platform. You may need to find support for your device by asking the manufacturer.

Microsoft PC

Mac PC

Android Phone

Apple Mobile Device