Love Pattern #9.2


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Love Pattern #9.2 has the same bodice and necklines as Love Pattern #9, but it brings 3 skirts and two strap options to the table, plus it includes flutters. Choose from fixed straps or long straps that tie in the back. Skirt options include maxi length, a tiered skirt, and a handkerchief skirt. The maxi hits just above the ankle, the tiered skirt hits mid knee and the handkerchief skirt is above and below the knee. For more coverage, cut 2 handkerchief skirts and stagger them or layer the skirt over a pair of shorts.

Duchess and Hare pdf pattern: Love Pattern #9.2

This Duchess and Hare digital download pdf clothing pattern includes The same bodices from Love Pattern #9.  If you'd like all options purchase the discounted bundle.

  • Sizes 1/2-12
  • 3 neckline options
    V neck
  • 3 skirts
    Handkerchief hem
  • Size chart
  • Finished measurement chart
  • Full color photo tutorial
  • Layered printing
  • Tiled pdf pattern for home printing
  • Duchess and Hare Sizing